The Best Kitesurfing Spots in Pembrokeshire

Where and when to Kitesurf in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire offers 360 degree coverage for kitesurfing. Its headland location means that no matter where the wind is you will be able to find a beach that fits the bill to get on the water.

Here is a run down of  the best kitesurfing locations by local kitesurfing supremo ‘Steve Stubbs’

Steve Stubbs – Pembrokeshire Kitesurfing Hero

Pendine – here the beach faces south allowing you to get on the water when the wind is blowing from WSW around anti clockwise to E. Its famously long sandy beach, previously used in land speed record attempts, provides the perfect location although you are unable to launch here at high tide though as there is no beach left to launch from. It is great for beginners as the water remains shallow for the first 30m but you can also pick up some swell here if the waves are big enough. There is plenty of parking although you will have to pay for this during the summer season.

Amroth –  faces same way as Pendine. You would only normally kitesurf here for a wave session. There has to be a big swell to get in there but on the odd occasion it can provide a smooth wave on a WSW wind. Again you are unable to launch here at high tide as there is no beach left. Parking here is free all year around and usually there is plenty of it. Make sure you pop into the New Inn Amroth for a beer or coffee after a session.

Tenby – The South Beach in Tenby is a beautiful 2km long sandy beach with a SE aspect so it works for kitesurfing from SW (cross shore from right) round anti clockwise to NE. You can kitesurf here at any state of tide but at low tide the Whiteback sandbank means that the water is shallow for a few hundred metres from the waters edge. Due to its sheltered location in the lea of Caldey Island you don’t normally get waves here unless there is a big storm. During summer months you can get a sea breeze in the afternoon on a SW wind with a warm day. There is a nice cafe/bar/restaurant on the beach and parking right on the beach, although you do have to pay to park here in summer months.


Nice flat water for kitesurfing from the South Beach in Tenby

Freshwater West – This is a big surf beach and probably the most popular in Wales. Facing WSW it picks up any swell going and is great for waveriding. You can kitesurf here from a Northerly (cross off from right) right around anti-clockwise to a SE (cross off from the left). When the wind is in this direction you can get super smooth waves which back off with the off shore breeze creating a really fun wave in each direction. With Northerly or SE you need the tide to be low to allow the wind to clean up as it comes off the land.  It has heavy wave and rip currents so it’s not for the faint hearted. Waves are good at all stages of the tide, you can launch at high tide although it might be in the sand dunes or right down the north end. There is a large reef there but the waves mainly jack up off the numerous sandbanks.  Can also be good for freestyle as between the waves there is a lot of flat water on a SW. Parking here is free all year around! Make sure you pop into the Speculation inn for a pint of Guinness afterwards.

Some Kitesurfing fun at Freshwater West - Pembrokeshire Wales

Some Kitesurfing fun at Freshwater West – Pembrokeshire Wales

Steve Stubbs - Kitesurfing Guru

Catching Waves at Freshwater West, Wales

Broadhaven  – Broadhaven is another big sandy beach which faces North West. Its best here from W clockwise around to N and can be wavy and good for freestyle. You can launch here at any state of the tide. Parking is free off season and there are a few pubs and cafes overlooking the beach.

Newgale – The long sandy beach here faces WSW,  like Fresh Water West you can kitesurf here from a Northerly around anti clockwise to SE when it is perfect for wave riding but lower tides would be better in this direction.  You are unable to launch at high tide as there is no beach left, although if you’re feeling brave you can launch off the pebbles but you’ll need two of you..  This is probably the most popular beach for kitesurfing in Pembrokeshire.  There is a pub and a café here but the pub got damaged in the recent storms so may not be reopened yet.

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