Mystic Star 3/2mm Double Front-Zip Long Arm Shorty Wetsuit - Black

Year: 2021Mystic
Model 35400.200063-900

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They’re called the STAR series for a reason. Each year they shine in a new range of fresh colourways and novel patterns. This year the Star is engineered with GBS, Glued Blind Stitched seams. To fortify these seams even better the STAR suit is dot-taped on the critical junctions.

 Mystic has also added kneepads made out of our new durable 4-way stretch Hex-tech material, just to keep your knees safe. The STAR has load of options to choose from; double front-zip or back-zip, fullsuits, short arm and long arm shorties. Anything is possible.

Riding in style has never been so affordable!


  • GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Junction taping inside
  • Easy entry
  • Hex-tech kneepads
  • Front-zip