Mystic Womens Gem Kite Surfing Front-Zip Impact Vest - Black

Year: 2021Mystic
Model 35005.200110-900

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The gem impact vest has clash foam plates and sturdy NBR foam to protect your spine. It’s perfect for chicks who love to kite thanks to its tailored non-padded harness waist part. It comes with top of the line m-flex 2.0 neoprene lined with knitflex on the outside and flaremesh on the inside for quick dry properties. Fully matching the gem wetsuit, we’ve checked off all the boxes for a bad-ass impact vest for kiters



  • ​Zipper Lock
  • Knitflex
  • YKK Front-zip
  • Clash foam
  • Spine protection (NBR)
  • Non-padded harness waist part



Please note: this is not a floatation device / buoyancy aid