Ronix Women's Quarter 'Til Midnight "SF" Boat Board - Black

Year: 2021Ronix
Model R20QTM

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We took one of our best-selling all-purpose series that rides without stereotypes and made it lighter, delivering more feedback, and noticeably softer landings. The QTM with its Hybrid rocker ranges from smooth/low maintenance turns to wide open high-speed cuts. With fast predictable take offs, to explosive wake to wake jumps, this is a series that truly covers the spectrum.


  • Hybrid-3-Stage Middle / Continuous Outer Rocker
  • Secret Flex Construction 
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0-inch Ramp Fins
  • G&R Technology
  • Concave Bottom
  • Variable Rail
  • New Thinner Profile
  • Universal Riding Style