Cressi Estrella VIP Junior Age 7-10 Mask & Snorkel Set - Clear/Orange

SELECT COLOUR:Cressi Estrella VIP Junior Age 7-10 Mask & Snorkel Set - Clear/Orange
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Monocrystal junior mask, facial size and frame, designed for small and medium faces | The quality of assembly and materials are identical to the more technical range: tempered shatterproof glass, polycarbonate frame of minimum thickness and weight, simple and resistant buckles integrated in the frame and face and strip in silicone | Design with optimal centering of the eye sockets to achieve a very wide visibility in all directions | 100% pivoting buckles in all directions thanks to its flexible anchor and with micro-regulation by means of one-handed push button. They avoid the usual breaks of this delicate point and maintain the stability of the mask once placed and with the strip tight 


Snorkel designed especially for women and children. Transparent tube in flexible unbreakable material with adjustable hooking system to the mask. Anti-splash deflector that limits the entry of water due to the swell. Angled silicone nozzle has been studied to offer high comfort even with prolonged use. Elliptical bottom discharge valve that facilitates the emptying of the snorkel