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Mystic Force Kitesurfing Drysuit 2018 - Black

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For the die-hards who don't want to pay any attention to the weather, this suit will do exactly what is promises; keep you dry. Simple really.

Technical Features

  • Waterproof And Breathable 3-layer Laminate Fabric
  • Stitched And Taped Seams
  • T-ZIP Dry Zipper On Backside
  • Internal Adjustable Elastic Shoulder Straps
  • Fitted Shape
  • Latex Arm And Ankle Cuffs
  • Metalite Neck Cuff

Waterproof and breathable 3 layer laminated material


The TIZIP WaterSeal is made from a strong plastic coil zipper on a high strength fabric. Every coil half is safely embedded and secured in a plastic profile. When the TIZIP WaterSeal is closed, the sealing lips above and below the coil are compressed making a perfect seal. The entire plastic profile is highly abrasion resistant, whilst the unique design prevents the slider from wearing down the sealing lips when the zipper is opened or closed.?? The physical design of the TIZIP WaterSeal increases the seal strength when the pressure is raised or when cross tension is applied. Both actions lead to an increased mechanical pressure on the top sealing lip, creating a more secure seal.

Latex cuffs

The cuffs are made of Latex which is one of the best materials to make a strong waterproof seal. Before using a drysuit make sure the cuffs are flat and tight on the skin. It is important to check that the cuffs are placed on the wrists 2cm underneath your palm.

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