Neil Pryde Womens ELITE 1mm Firewire Wetsuit Top - Grey/Plum

Neil Pryde
Year: 2020Model 630230
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The 1mm Elite Firewire offers unrivalled flexibility and stretch. Designed specifically for warm weather, it provides the perfect conbination of warmth and breathability. The result is you use less energy trying to move in your suit, leaving you more energy to concentrate on speed and precision.


  • Matrix 3D core made from tiny AirDome air pockets that increase warmth and flexibility and Firewire hollow fibre thermal liner
  • Glued and blind stitched sealed seam technology
  • Apex ultrastretch limestone based neoprene
  • Spec: 1mm


Size Indication Height Chest Waist
EUUK Ft/InCm InCm InCm
3810 (S) 5'5"-5'7"165-170 35-3889-97 28-3172-79
4012 (M) 5'7"-5'9170-175 37-4094-101 30-3377-84
4214 (L) 5'9"-5'11"175-180 39-4299-106 32-3582-89
4416 (XL) 5'10"-6'0"178-183 41-44104-111 34-3786-94