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Northcore 6mm Surfboard Leash - White

Year: 2021Northcore
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This high specification leash is designed for use in waves in the 2-8ft range. It's 6mm urethane cord makes it lighter without compromising strength so it's a real all round leash to be used in the widest range of conditions. 
With double swivel stainless steel bearings, Northcore™ "Tech Flex" connectors, competition grade urethane and military grade Velcro this product is tough.

  • Double swivel set up with stainless steel bearings for the ultimate performance
  • Superior strength 6mm cord
  • Northcore™ "Tech Flex" swivel connecters, allowing a natural flex between the urethane cord and the swivel bearings, eliminating potential stress points and allowing for improved all round maneuverability
  • Easy release padded cuff, with military grade Velcro fastening
  • Interchangeable cuffs with FCS compatible fin screw release system
  • Available in 6, 7, 8 and 9 foot lengths
  • Integrated key pocket