Wetsuit Chafe Guard -Anti-Chafe / Anti Rub Cream for Wetsuits

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Wetsuit Anti-Rub Cream. An anti-chafe / rub lubricant suitable for use with all wetsuits and clothing to eliminate sorts and rubbing against the skin. Ideal for where your wetsuit or spray top rubs around your neck.

Chafe Guard is a silicon based wetsuit lubricant aimed for athletes involved with Triathlons, Running, Cycling, Surfing, Sailing or swimming. It's used for the application and removal of wetsuits and trisuits. and is an excellent preventer of chafing for runners, surfers, sailors and cyclists, particularly distance runners.

Spread a small amount to your hands and apply to any areas that could be affected by rash, chafeing or rubbing.

Hygenic and able to share around to colleques or freinds.
Dosent matter if you accidentally drop the package in the sand or grass will not spoil.