A Guide To Picking Your Perfect SUP Board

A Guide To Picking Your Perfect SUP Board

Now standing as one of the world’s most popular water-based sports, over the past decade paddleboarding has tremendously increased in popularity. Originated back in the 1940s where paddleboarding was most famous in the Hawaiian islands, SUP boards have ever since been a huge hit in the water sporting industry.

Today, SUP boards are a tool used for accessing the water by many people for all sorts of different activities. With such diversity available in one sport, there are many different types of boards to choose from, here is a guide to finding the right SUP board for your water sporting adventures.

Knowing Which Size Board To Get

Choosing A Board Fit For Its Purpose

Depending on how you plan to use the SUP board, there are different shapes and styles that will be better fitted to your needs. For those wanting to get out on the water and have fun, an all-round board is the perfect type as they are thick and wide, offering great stability. The user-friendly boards come in at 32-35 inches wide and 4-6 inches thick, with a wide nose and table to really assist beginners. They are generally between 10 and 11ft long and offer both stability and manoeuvrability.

For those wanting to get out into the open ocean and experience the thrills of stand up paddle boarding, touring boards run with a pointed nose to make you more streamlined and easier to navigate. With a length of 11-14 feet and a 28-34 inch width, the longer boards offer enough stability for beginners while allowing the professionals to get out into the ocean. The pros are that the board will travel a lot further and easier through the water with each paddle stroke, the cons are that its not very maneuverable, i.e it wont turn sharp corners easily.

The Construction Of The Paddleboard

A lot more than you think goes into the construction of SUP boards. For example, the solid boards are usually more expensive and optimised for performance. Coming in a range of different shapes for various purposes, the solid construction enables the board to have the most streamlined and effective shape. 

Transporting your board can be a difficult task for many, with inflatable boards you are ensured an easier process as they are better to store and transport. They often become more rigid as they are inflated, with the top and bottom of the board pulling against one another via thousands of woven strands inside. As a result, the design ensures good stiffness, and is a great lightweight board to invest in.

Enjoy Your Paddle Boarding Experience