How To Choose Your Next Wakeboard

How To Choose Your Next Wakeboard

Whether you are a veteran wakeboarder with years of experience or a newcomer trying to get to grips with this awesome water sport, choosing the right wakeboard is essential for your success. With such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials used in modern boards, it can be a real headache to make a decision. But don’t worry, we have done the leg-work so you don’t have to!

Boat Or Park Boards?

Boat Wakeboard

Park Wakeboard

The most common type of wakeboard is the boat wakeboard, which, as the name suggests, is intended to be towed by a boat. On the other hand, you have park wakeboards which are designed for use in cable parks. The key difference is the base of these board varieties. Park boards are more durable and thus able to withstand more punishment from riding rails and kickers. Whereas, although boat boards can be used in cable parks, you should expect a lot of wear and tear from contact with rails (particularly to the fins).

Deciding On Size

Of the utmost importance when choosing your board is getting the correct size for your height and weight. Pick a board which is too large and it becomes cumbersome and very difficult to manoeuvre. Too small, and the board will not be able to support your weight and will prevent it from gliding over the water effectively. Sizing charts are available from most manufacturers, so be sure to check these measurements before purchasing.

Finding The Best Length

When it comes to length, there are perks to having different length boards, so choose accordingly. Shorter boards are easier to spin while in the air but are typically suited to more experienced riders as they are tricky to land. On the other hand, longer boards are easier to control, easier to gain speed, and easier to land due to their increased surface area, making them ideal for mastering the basics.

Importance Of Width

Narrower boards provide more stability when carving through the water, again making them a better option for beginners or simply for those who prefer to surf rather than attempt tricks. Wider boards allow you to pop off of the water much more readily, providing bigger air-trick capabilities.

Children’s Options

When it comes to selecting a board for children, it is important to note a few factors. Firstly, it needs to be lightweight. The main difference when choosing a child’s board is it shouldn’t be too heavy for them to carry or lift out of the water. Length and width are also key factors and should reflect their height and weight. Secondly, similarly to adult boards, you should pick wakeboards that are suited to your child’s level of experience. There is an almost equally wide range of options for levels of experience in children’s boards and it is just important to get this choice right.

Wakeboarding Equipment

Besides a wetsuit, there are two main pieces of extra equipment that you need. The first, wakeboard helmets, are a key safety piece and essential for boarders of all levels of experience. Wakeboard helmets are designed specifically for watersports so are highly recommended – do not try to use other types of helmet (e.g. cycling) as they will not offer the same level of safety. Wakeboarding boots, or bindings, attach you to the board. The main factor when deciding on a pair is that they are comfortable and fit well if you want to remain secured to your board.

Try It Out!

Finally, the biggest piece of advice we can offer you is to try before you buy. We can advise and outline the different choices, but it is up to you to have a go with boards that sound appealing and make a choice on the perfect fit for you.