Blue Wave Smart Pins

Blue Wave
Model BW-VP1

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Split pin on hook and loop one-wrap® strap The smart pins are a fast and new way of securing open body rigging screws.Simply put the pin attached to the Velcro strap into the split hole and secure the Velcro strap around the rigging screw.

PartPackPin Dia.
LBHTo Fit Open
Rigging Screw
BW-VP1020P4Blister Pack of 42.01501681/4
BW-VP1225P4Blister Pack of 42.519016105/16 + 3/8
BW-VP1632P4Blister Pack of 43.226020137/16 + 1/2
BW-VP2340P4Blister Pack of 44.037025205/8 + 3/4