The Dry Bag Elite - Wetsuit Drying Bag

The Dry Bag
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The Dry Bag is a unique bag for drying your wetsuit in. Just pop your wetsuit in the bag to dry and then you can hang it anywhere in the house / car / caravan as the water that drains off the suit will be collected in the bottom of the bag and can be drained out at your leisure.

The difference between the Elite and the Pro is that the pro has 2 small vent panels on each edge, so it has less ventilation than the Elite, but less chance of the suit getting wet if it rains whilst drying outside. Whereas the Elite has a whole panel of ventilation, so the wetsuit will dry quicker but if it rains it'll get wet

The Dry Bag is a full length zip up bag that protects your wetsuits and wet garments from direct sunlight whilst letting them drip dry efficiently yet naturally.

Mesh vents enhance air flow and a water reservoir collects the residual water – no puddles here!

A specially designed hanger can take up to 25kg in weight enabling you to hang all your wet gear in one bag keeping your living space tidy.

The Dry Bag Elite is a mesh fronted wetsuit bag that protects, stores and dries your wetsuit. Perfect wetsuit bag for inside use to dry your wet gear with no mess.

  • Protect your house, car and van from wet gear
  • UV protection – up to 3 x more protection for your wetsuit
  • The ultimate wetsuit storage bag
  • Durable Dry Hanger takes 25kg in drop weight made from 100% recycled Olefin
  • Full mesh front allows air to flow around your wetsuit
  • 300 denier shower proof fabric
  • Durable heat welded seams
  • Full length zip for easy access
  • Lightweight and compact to carry
  • Dimensions: 130cm x 63cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: One size, fits up to L size wetsuits