Exposure XS Emergency Light Navigation Pack

Exposure Lights
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A Red, Green and White XS with stanchion mounts and charger. The XS Emergency light pack offers a set of 3 high powered, compact, waterproof torches in white, green and red. These rechargeable torches can combine with a light diffuser to create all around lanterns.
The quick mount brackets make them ideal for use in small craft, inflatables etc or as emergency lights in larger vessels. Visible from 3 nautical miles away, with burn duration 6 hours on high and 60 hours on low.
Features and Benefits:

The 3 colours offer a high level of visibility to other vessels in an emergency situatino
3 individual light sources with high (6 hours) and low (60 hours) modes
3 rechargeable batteries and charger included within storage pack
Diffused red and green beams for preserving night vision
High powered white beam suitable for all activities requiring a torch
3 X Quick Release Stanchion/handle bar mounts enabling the lights to be positioned through the boat both internally and externally
Marine grade anodising ensuring longevity and durability
Set enclosed in a storage case for ease of location and safe storage

Exposure Marine Torch Case Includes:

Exposure Marine XS sailing torch
Exposure Marine XS-R sailing torch
Exposure Marine XS-G sailing torch
Stanchion/Bar mounts x3
Quick Release reflective lanyard x3
Silicone light diffuser/beacon x3
CR123 Charger
CR123 Rechargeable batteries x3
Instruction card