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Kitesurf Footstraps

Looking for some new kitesurf foot straps? It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, need a replacement or are after some new items, because at Coast Watersports we have just what you’re after! We have a selection of foot straps from the leading watersport’s brand ‘Mystic’.

Kitesurf foot straps are designed to keep your feet attached to the top of your footpad when using it, they do so by clinging to your feet - this helps ensure that your kiteboard doesn’t drift off without you.

Foot straps are very important, the better quality they are, the more use you’ll get from them. They also help to reduce shock absorption when it comes to jumping which is vital for the sport.

The kitesurf foot straps we offer provide you with comfort and safety, ensuring you make the most out of your kitesurfing experiences in the water. They are also labelled ‘left’ and ‘right’ and have adjustable hook and loops, making them easy to use.

Kitesurf foot straps are an essential piece of kitesurfing equipment so add these accessories to your kit today.

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