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Kitesurf Leashes

Providing an essential safety lifeline, kitesurfing leashes are designed for those times when you can’t body drag in to recover your board. Although they are an optional accessory that is not recommended for beginners, for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers they’re incredibly handy when you hit your favourite spots in the wind and waves. We have an extensive selection of kitesurfing leashes from top brands including MYSTIC that features both long and short safety leashes. Our collection of kitesurfing safety leashes are crafted from soft, lightweight materials and come in a variety of colours including black, mint, orange and lime.

Our kitesurfing leashes are ideal for situations when you find yourself in dry reef, offshore surf, rock breaks, crowded spots and when you hit the lip hard. A short leash is recommended if you enjoy freeriding or don’t want to unhook yourself whereas the long leash option is perfect for when you want to try unhooked tricks and need more space for handle passes.

Kitesurfing leashes are designed for those who are already confident in the water and they provide an attachment between the harness and the kite's safety system. Our durable, high quality and quick release selection of kitesurfing leashes are essential for pulling off more challenging tricks and for those that enjoy competitive riding.

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