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Surf Accessories

Surfing is a great sport, it helps you to feel at one with nature and is great for the mind, body and soul, but you need more than just a wetsuit and surfboard to partake!

Finding the right surfing accessories can be difficult and even slightly overwhelming. At Coast Watersports, we have made it easier for you. We provide you with a variety of different accessories from top brands, stress-free and at the click of a button.

Some of the accessories we have to offer include ear plugs, which are used to help to prevent water from entering your ear canal, if this happens you are then exposed to infections, which is something nobody wants. Our wetsuit dry bags allow your suit to dry quickly and easily, not only does this help maintain your suit, making it last longer, but it also reduces the chance of it developing bacteria. Surfing at night can be dangerous due to the limited amount of light, this is where our head torch comes in handy, helping with visibility!

These items will all come in handy and you may not have even known just how much you needed them! Have a browse through our products to find what it is you’re after.

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