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Kitesurf Harnesses

Kitesurfing is one of the most exciting water sports in the world. Choosing the right harness, however, can mean the difference between a great day and a wipeout! The harnesses we sell have all been chosen to ensure they provide a comfortable fit for you. They also provide maximum safety, with plenty of straps to tighten the harness to fit your body shape. After all, nobody wants a harness riding up while they are out on the water! You'll find a wide variety of different styles available to suit your needs. We also do our best to cater to different budgets, whether you are looking for something more affordable or are able to choose a harness from one of our premium brands, like Mystic. Ensure that both you and your kit are safe when you are next hitting the waves by choosing one of our kitesurfing harnesses today. There are options for men, women and kids amongst our range.