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Spearguns for spear fishing

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced spearo, a reliable and accurate speargun is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in your spearfishing kit. Here at Coast Water Sports you can find great deals on a range of high quality spearguns, so whatever style of speargun you prefer you will find various sizes and options from industry-leading brands within our selection.
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    The Best Spearguns For Spearfishing

    When it comes to comparing spearguns, there are a variety of styles available to suit all conditions and hunting styles, and you will never have to compromise when choosing spearguns from Coast Water Sports. Before you start comparing options, we recommend thinking about the type of spearfishing you are planning, as this will determine the length you need.

    If you're scuba diving in an area with poor visibility, a shorter speargun may be the most suitable, as you will be able to move your gun quickly when aiming. Whereas if you take regular diving and spearfishing trips in crystal clear waters, you're likely to find that a longer gun will improve stability and accuracy when shooting. Of course, you may prefer stalking shallow waters when spearfishing, and in these situations quick and short guns are often the preferred choice.

    We are proud of our extensive range of scuba diving equipment which includes a variety of spearguns with popular lengths of everything from 45cm upwards. Our hand-picked collection includes options from leading brands such as Cressi and Beuchat, and whether you are searching for a single speargun or an entire kit including everything from scuba diving wetsuits through to diving accessories, we have you covered.

    Diving Equipment & More From Coast Water Sports

    From our base on the south coast of England, we are lucky enough to be able to spend much of our time enjoying the water, including everything from diving to sailing and boarding. This means our customers benefit from our experience and knowledge, and we are pleased to be able to share our product recommendations, whatever kind of equipment you need.

    We are also pleased to offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50 (terms apply), with returns available on most items within 30 days of delivery.