Dive Regulators - Stage 1 & 2 Scuba Regulators & Octopus
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Dive Regulators - Stage 1 & 2 Scuba Regulators & Octopus

Diving regulators are perhaps the most important part of your scuba diving equipment, as they are the part of your kit which will allow you to breathe when underwater. They will keep you alive while you are exploring great depths, so it is important to choose a high-quality and reliable diving regulator regardless of your experience level and frequency of dives.
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    Stage 1 & 2 Scuba Regulators & Octopus

    Here at Coast Water Sports we offer high quality scuba diving equipment at the best prices, so you can be sure that you’re getting products you can rely on when you need them. Within our range, you will find various high performance models of stage 1 and 2 scuba diving regulators and octopuses, from popular brands such as  Beuchat and Cressi.

    Whether you are looking for cost-effective diving regulators or premium models with all the bells and whistles, essentially at the core of every scuba regulator is a design that takes the high-pressure air from your tank and adjusts it to a level which you can breathe, before taking away your expired air whenever you exhale. These clever pieces of scuba diving equipment will also supply air to your BCD and your dive pressure gauge so that you can see exactly how much air you have left.

    Reliable Regulators For Safe Diving

    The 1st stage and 2nd stage regulators also require an octopus, which is designed to act as a backup regulator should you find yourself in an emergency. The type of diving you are planning will largely determine the diving regulator you need, so whether you are researching scuba diving holidays or looking to upgrade your current kit, we will always be on hand to help.

    High Quality Scuba Equipment & More At Coast Water Sports

    At Coast Water Sports we stock a full range of scuba and snorkelling equipment, including scuba diving wetsuits, spearfishing kits, fins, dive computers and regulators. We are pleased to offer a delivery service throughout the UK and internationally, with free UK delivery on orders over £50 (terms apply). We also offer convenient 30 day returns on most of our products, so you will have complete peace of mind when ordering from Coast Water Sports.