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Dive Boots, Gloves & Hoods for Scuba Diving

Get fully equipped for your next dive with our range of scuba diving boots, gloves and wetsuit hoods. With great deals on products from leading brands like Cressi and Beuchat, find everything you need to stay safe and protected in the water.
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    Gloves, Boots & Hoods For Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving is an amazing underwater experience, but to ensure you benefit from the best dive possible, it is important to invest in the best scuba diving equipment. From scuba diving wetsuits through to our range of diving boots, gloves, and hoods, here at Coast Water Sports we are pleased to offer a variety of options so that you can fully enjoy every dive.

    Stay Protected With The Right Scuba Equipment

    If you're wondering what the best items are to take on a dive, our experienced team is here to help. For example, if you're wearing open heel scuba fins, which are often a popular choice with skilled divers, you are likely to need diving boots to keep your feet warm, prevent blisters and protect your feet when walking across rough surfaces. There are many styles of diving boots available, including hard and soft soles and those both with and without zips.

    Another useful item to have are diving gloves, which can be used on scuba diving holidays and trips at any time of the year. Scuba gloves will not only keep your hands warm and provide protection from the sun, but they will also help you to avoid cuts and abrasions when underwater.

    For those who enjoy scuba diving in the winter months, or in colder climates, diving hoods are a great accessory. Divers lose a lot of their body heat through their heads, and diving hoods can be used to help maintain body temperature. There are a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and brands to choose from.

    All The Scuba Diving Equipment & Accessories You Need

    Our shop is located in East Devon on the stunning border of Devon, Dorset and Somerset, and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers an excellent range of scuba diving and snorkelling equipment, as well as everything needed for sailing, kayaking and surfing as well as many other water sports. Whether you live in the UK or abroad, our items can be shipped anywhere in the world, and we offer free delivery on all orders over £50 (terms apply).

    If you would like to find out more about our range of diving gloves, hoods, and boots, contact us today and we will be happy to share our expertise.