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Spray Decks for Kayaks

Kayak spray decks - or spray skirts - are designed to form a seal between you, your kayak and the water. There's a huge variety of kayak spray decks available, and the one you choose will depend mostly on how it will be used.

From lightweight nylon spray decks for recreational use to reliable neoprene touring decks, from super durable whitewater decks to crossover decks that will keep you protected in a range of different situations, it's vital that you pick the deck that best suits your kayaking style.

At Coast Water Sports, you'll find a large variety of kayak spray decks at a range of price points, in various sizes and designed for all types of use. We stock a choice of spray decks from high-quality kayaking brands, giving you peace of mind that when you buy from us, you'll be choosing a kayak spray deck that is built to last.

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