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Storage Solutions for Canoe & Kayaks

Keep kayaks and canoes supported, safe and secure. We stock a wide range of storage solutions to make this process simpler for you. Fitting a ceiling hoist or a wall-mounted rack is a one-time installation that will save you plenty of hassle in the future. These fixtures are also ideal for storing surfboards, paddleboards and other larger pieces of equipment.

Improperly storing equipment puts it at risk of damage, destructive damp and mildew. The right storage will make any upcoming excursions and wave chasing adventures a breeze, keeping your equipment in the best possible condition.

With boating supplies kept out of the way, you’ll benefit from more open space in your storage area. Keeping sailing and surfing units suspended will also make them more accessible for any maintenance work or touch-ups they require. The well-designed options we offer provide simple and stress-free solutions to keep equipment protected, preserved and at peak performance for longer.

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