Dive Consoles - Pressure & Depth Gauges
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Dive Consoles - Pressure & Depth Gauges

Not only are diving consoles often designed to monitor air supply underwater, but many can also be used as a compass, a depth gauge and even a dive computer thanks to their modular design. Whether you take regular scuba diving holidays or only dive occasionally, within our range you will find a variety of diving consoles to suit all budgets.
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    Monitor Your Air Supply With Our Diving Consoles

    If you're searching for high-quality diving consoles from industry leading brands, the team here at Coast Water Sports is here to help.

    When it comes to purchasing scuba diving equipment, diving consoles are often essential items for many divers, regardless of their experience levels. The versatile modular design allows you to create a diving console which fits your exact needs, and within our range you will find a variety of options including our popular pressure and depth gauges, from quality brands such as Suunto and Cressi.

    A Range Of Pressure & Depth Gauges For Diving

    Whether you prefer analogue or digital designs with click through menus and various screens of information, diving consoles are available in a range of designs. The majority are designed to integrate with your air supply and will update regularly to show how much time you have left underwater based on your breathing rate. This is why many divers prefer to have the diving consoles on their wrists for easy viewing, although designs that attach to the tank are also popular.

    It is this versatility which makes diving consoles so popular, and our experienced team will be happy to recommend the best options based on their own experiences underwater.

    Quality Equipment For Diving & More

    As well as dive consoles, we also stock a comprehensive range of diving equipment including dive computers which provide key information at a glance, and diving wetsuits to help regulate body temperature. 

    We also offer a full range of sailing clothing and equipment, chandlery, and kayak equipment, as well as all the board sports gear you would need, including surfing equipment and stand up paddle (SUP) boarding equipment. Through our online store we can offer a delivery service both in the UK and to international customers, with free delivery on all orders over £50 (terms apply).

    Our team is committed to helping you find the best scuba diving equipment, whether you are looking for dive consoles or other products like scuba diving masks, fins and snorkels or diving regulators. If you have any questions about our product range, contact our team who will be happy to assist you.