Forward WIP X-OVER Helmet Sailing / Skiiing - White

Year: 2020
Forward WIP Sailing
SELECT COLOUR:Forward WIP X-OVER Helmet Sailing / Skiiing 2020 - White
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The perfect crossover helmet for multiple sport activities.

The Crossover helmet has been developed with an America's cup team to offer the best protection and to match Ski helmet specs. This will be the perfect choice for Multi-activity sport riders wanting to use it on their fast foiling cats and for high speed downhill skiing.

  • This helmet has lower coverage shape with a quick mini dial size adjustment.
  • In-mold construction, very light, complies with water sport CE1385 and ski spec CE1077B
  • Thermoformed foam for better comfort, each helmet is delivered with a set of thicker foams for a better taylored fit on smaller heads
  • Adjustable size thanks to the fit-system - for great comfort
  • Many openings for good ventilation


  • Fits head circumference of 55-59cm