Typhoon Full Face Mask & Snorkel Set - Clear/Smoke

Model 320570

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The Typhoon Full Face Snorkel Mask is a mask that covers your face to keep the water away from your eyes nose and mouth so you can snorkel more comfortably. Its ideal for beginners or people who aren't very comfortable putting their face in the water or holding a snorkel in their mouth. 

The top of the snorkel is both bright orange for safety but also has a float inside that stops water entering when submerged sp even if a small bit of water goes over your head it won't go down the snorkel. If any water does happen to get in  it will collect down at the bottom by your chin and be pushed out of the mask when you breathe out.

These aren't suitable for if you wish to dive down any distance as you would be unable to hold your nose to balance out the pressure, so are designed for snorkelling on the surface only


  • 180 Degree Panoramic View
  • Silicon Skirt for a comfortable fit
  • Quick release buckle and adjustable silicone strap
  • Purge valvle
  • UV400 Polycarbonate Window
  • Anti-fog design
  • Dry-top snorkel to protect the airway from crashing waves. You don't have to worry about water getting in to your nose or mouth
  • Essy storage, the snorkel can be removed from the mask making it easy to store

Size Guide

  • S/M - Teen / Ladies
  • L/XL - Adult / Men